Blogger Rules

╔══════.Blogger Rules & Information.══════╗

ﺴ Your blog must be active for at least 3 months and have been updated at least once a week.

ﺴ Only blogs with pictures of good quality will be accepted.

ﺴ Contacting designers requesting copies is NOT allowed.  Bloggers found to be contacting designers asking for review copies will be removed from event access.

ﺴ All bloggers will be added to a group for access and all information will be sent via this group.  You must remain in the group until the event ends.

ﺴ All bloggers must have an active Flickr account.  Blog pictures of the event are to be added to the event Flickr group with a blog link in the description.  Bloggers without an active Flickr account will not be accepted.

ﺴ All bloggers must publish at least TWO (2) posts, from TWO (2) different stores. Deadline for blog posts to be completed is July 15th.

ﺴ Blogger Access: June 29th – 30th (ending @ 9pm (21:00) SLT)
ﺴ Event Opens: July 1st @ 1am (01:00) SLT
ﺴ Event Closes: July 22nd @ 12am (24:00) SLT