Designer Rules

╔══════.Designer Rules & Information.══════╗

ﺴ Sponsor Spots: 120 prims | L$5000

ﺴ Regular Spots: 60 prims | L$3000

ﺴ Each store is required to make at least ONE (1) exclusive item for the event. Item is to be new (not a recolour or a current item from store) and exclusive, only to be sold at Picturesque for the duration of the event; not available anywhere else. After which it can be released in your store or sold as you like.

ﺴ Each store is required to rez the promotional information poster in their store.

ﺴ Group space is required for access to the sim during set up as well as information to be sent to all designers. Group invites will be sent after the designer packs are sent and you are required to remain in the group until the end of the event. If you have a partnership in your store and more than one person will be required for setting up please note these names in the application stage. No other invites will be sent to anyone else, other than names on the application.

ﺴ Items such as brand logos, brand names and any copyrighted item will NOT be allowed at the event. If these items are found in your booth you will be removed from the event, without refund.  All Second Life TOS must be adhered to by all merchants. This is non negotiable.

ﺴ Gachas are allowed, but not as your exclusive item. This is NOT a gacha event, so a standard release is expected as your main exclusive.

ﺴ Scripts to be kept to a minimum. Vendor systems are allowed; please limit other scripting to landmark givers only. If scripted items are found in your booth (other than the items allowed mentioned here) they will be returned to you. No hover text allowed, hover text items will be returned to you if found in your booth. Keep your vendors & decorations within your booth boundaries, any items found outside your booth will be returned to you.

ﺴ A .png image will be sent within the designer packs that MUST be included on any and all exclusives in your booth. Either rez a prim, texture with the image and place next to your exclusive vendor; or save the image to your computer and place the image directly onto your vendor ad before you upload it to SL.

ﺴ Failure to meet deadlines without communication will result in ejection from the event without refund.  This is non negotiable.  All dates / deadlines are noted on the invitation notecard you may have received in world, below and will be included in the designer packs sent to approved merchants.  There is no excuse for you to not be able to find the dates and save them / note them down in your own personal calendars.

ﺴ Applications Open: March 20th
ﺴ Applications Close: April 25th
ﺴ Designer Packs Sent: May 1st
ﺴ Payment Deadline: June 15th
ﺴ Set Up Begins: June 24th
ﺴ Set Up Deadline: June 28th
ﺴ Blogger Access: June 29th – 30th (ending @ 9pm (21:00) SLT)
ﺴ Event Opens: July 1st @ 1am (01:00) SLT
ﺴ Event Closes: July 22nd @12am (24:00) SLT